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Military vs Cancer welcomes sponsors to Sandhurst celebration

Saturday 27 April marked Military vs Cancer’s annual ‘thank you’ dinner, held at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Welcoming sponsors and supporters from across the UK, the occasion provided a welcome opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who continue to drive our charity’s mission — alleviating the effects of cancer for military personnel past and present, as well as their immediate families.

A location renowned as one of Britain’s leading Army officer training centres since 1802, Sandhurst has seen a number of prestigious alumni pass through its ranks — including Winston Churchill, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Ian Fleming, to name just a few.

The institution also has an illustrious history of training international students — having supported 5,400 overseas pupils, from 129 countries, since 1947. That’s as well as delivering in-country training to nations across the globe. It therefore remains a true cornerstone of past and present military lore, within the UK and even further afield.

Before dining in the grandeur of the Indian Army Memorial Room, a guided tour of the facility invited guests into the history of Sandhurst and the British Army. From the establishment of Sandhurst and its numerous buildings to modern usage of the working site, and more, it was an informative walkthrough of the famed venue.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read some of the generous testimonials shared by attendees, below.

“It’s a privilege to have joined [Military vs Cancer] at such a prestigious location. It’s great to see the charity’s growth since concept, and learn more about the support it has already given to so many in need. Looking forward to supporting the next event with such an inspiring bunch.” — Christopher Box, managing director at Hydrocert Ltd.

“We were treated to a tour of Sandhurst and I genuinely learnt a lot — our history of how the army came to be at Sandhurst is fascinating. The food was lush, the crockery blew my mind, and the service was impeccable. Fellow guests were wonderful to talk to, and we chatted away the evening. We were incredibly humbled to have been invited, and we are honoured to be able to support such a wonderful charity.” — Justine Smalley, director at Smalley Hot Tub Services Ltd.

“Myself and Kevin Richards had the pleasure of attending the Military vs Cancer dinner, held at the historical Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on behalf of Sir Joseph Isherwood Limited. A brilliant look into the history of the British Army with some incredible company. Should anyone out there, as an individual or company, be on the lookout to support an absolutely fantastic cause, please get in touch with Military vs Cancer. It was a pleasure to be invited and here at Isherwoods we can’t wait to move forward with this charity.” — Robert Curry, project engineer at Sir Joseph Isherwood Ltd.

“I think it really brought home to all of us at Military vs Cancer — and our generous sponsors — that if members of the Armed Forces are prepared to sacrifice their lives for us, then the least we can do is make sure we are there for them and their immediate families when they are fighting their own personal battle with cancer.” — Carri Nicholson, trustee.

If you’d like to see your name on the VIP list at next year’s event (with exciting opportunities in the interim), get in touch today. We’d love to walk you through our sponsorship packages, and share the impact of your support.

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