Military VS Cancer | By Sea, Land, Air and All, together let’s make cancer fall

Welcome Royal Naval Reserves to Military vs Cancer

Where It All Began

“Bringing all 3 arms of the military together to benefit those affected by cancer.  We harness the collective drive that exists within the Armed Forces to raise vital funds for organisations on the front line who provide diagnosis, treatment and emotional support to patients and families during the ongoing stages of their cancer journey”.

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GAP Group North East Ltd

GAP Group (NE) Ltd, a leading Gateshead waste management and logistics company is raising awareness of Military vs Cancer by unveiling a huge mural displayed on the sides of one of its lorries.

Slaley Hall Ball

With the support of three forces Military vs Cancer held a ball in Slaley Hall. At this event we completed our auctions from our website and finalised the raffle ticket winners and raised over £22,000!

Field Gun Pull

The field gun pull was 9th – 27th September 2019 and covered 330 miles and involved over 200 members of the Navy, Army and RAF raising money for Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.

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Donate to Military vs Cancer